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Effortlessly integrate audio, image, text, and video AI models with our no-code platform to speed up your projects and reduce costs by 90%.

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LLM router

Compare the performance of the LLM Router to the top LLMs. Optimize the success of your project by automatically selecting the most relevant, cost-effective, and fastest LLM model

Short haiku for the best day
Sunrise paints the sky,
Laughter echoes in the breeze,
Perfect day to be.
Claude 3.5
2.3 sec
0.07 cr
Blue skies, golden light,
Nature’s symphony at play,
Bliss in every breath.
ChatGPT 4o
2.7 sec
0.2 cr
Gentle waves embrace,
Sun-kissed moments softly pass,
Joy in endless waves.
ChatGPT 3.5T
0.9 sec
0.01 cr

Compare top LLMs

Quickly assess top Large Language Models and compare them using your own prompts. Explore detailed results, refine model options and choose the best ones for your projects


Compare graphical models

Generate realistic biofarming laboratory photos
1.39 sec
0.2 cr
1.4 sec
0.2 cr
18.6 sec
7.2 cr

Input your concept to instantly evaluate and compare leading graphical models. View visual outputs, analyze creation times, and assess costs. Customize model selections to meet your specific requirements

Easy-to-start with templates
from our team and community

Tone of voice extractor
YouTube SEO
Chat with PDF
Video face swap
Virtual try-on for clothing
Product promo cards
Prompt generator
Tone of voice extractor
YouTube SEO
Video face swap
Prompt generator
Chat with PDF

Launching AI features now takes hours, not weeks. We've tripled our conversion rates and no longer have IT bottlenecks


Founder of AI Web Service

With Scade, I easily built and launched a fully functional AI tool, validated an idea and saved thousands of dollars


AI Consultant

Everything we needed to launch our AI-based app was right here at Scade. We quickly got our product off the ground and raised investment


CPO of a Tech Project

Track performance and spendings

Monitor all your workflows in real time. Our transparent dashboard makes it easy to track performance and view all your costs on a single page

Create AI features with ease

Create AI features with ease. Add and connect AI tools effortlessly with our no-code workspace

Jumpstart with templates

No need to start from scratch. Choose one of our templates and customize it to fit your needs

Cost-effective, secure and reliable AI

Stay reliable

Even if some AI models have tech issues, your workflows will run without a hitch with a backup solution

Keep your data safe

We don't use your data to train third party AI models. It's only used to improve your experience with Scade

Save money

No need for a big development team to integrate AI. Switch models to reduce costs and boost efficiency

Use the best models

Use top AIs, plus over 1500 other models, including our improved versions, small models, and tools that excel at specific tasks

Speed up your project

We boost speed at every level‚ÄĒfrom optimizing the performance of each model to reducing your time to market by up to 40% with quick AI integration

Easy-to-use and powerful API: Integrate AI into your project with direct access to workflows on our platform
Connectors and triggers to automate interactions and data exchange for seamless AI integration
Our certified experts to help you with custom AI integration and development

Over 1,500 AI models reviewed, sorted and polished for daily usage

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