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No-code flow builder with 1,500+ AI models.
Effortless integration with a ready-made API for every flow.

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Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Unlock the full potential with 1,500+ AI Models

AI as a constructor

Use Scade.pro's AI library with 1,500+ models, easily combined like Lego bricks for any business challenge. This constructor method provides the flexibility and scalability to innovate and optimize processes across all areas.


No need for numerous tools and integration struggles. Simply organize task sequences and AI processing with cascades.

Fast-tracked to production

The cascade's AI-to-AI data transfer saves team time and resources, getting you production-ready faster.

Edit without reintegration

Control and optimize your set-up solutions easily. No reintegration needed— modify and upgrade it, boosting efficiency and saving costs.

Lots of functions

Delivering a suite of AI capabilities designed for corporate teams, IT startups, agencies, integrators, and developers.

Custom Python code integration

Enhance automation with custom utilities for advanced data processing, task automation, or integrating complex logic into AI workflows.

On-demand workflow execution

Improve operational agility and responsiveness with the flexibility to trigger AI processes as needed, ensuring smooth integration and execution within existing systems or on an ad-hoc basis.

Hassle-free AI infrastructure

Effortlessly deploy AI solutions and focus on innovation and strategy without the burden of building and maintaining infrastructure.

External connections: LinkedIn, Slack, Google Docs

Streamline communication and content creation by automating interactions and data exchange between these platforms and your AI-powered processes.

LLM routing to reduce cost

Optimize token consumption by intelligently selecting the most cost-effective LLM for each task, ensuring high-quality AI output.

LLM over your data

Access information instantly with our LLM-powered Q&A and summarization directly within documents or databases. This feature uses RAG embeddings to enrich with targeted data.
Integrate and use AI in 3 clicks

Ready-to-use AI apps

Use our pre-built solutions and embed them easily with editable templates.

Individual tasks within the platform

Ready-to-use solutions for primary task optimization in marketing, sales, analytics, and more. All ready to go to give your business the edge it needs.

Editable templates

Use templates for even faster results. Customize settings, add options, and explore the platform's capabilities.

Embedded insertion

Embed pre-built modules with a pre-designed interface without burdening your IT team.