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Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
When I received a request for an AI song cover, I was able to create it in a couple of hours using Scade and deliver it to a very satisfied client. He avoided paying $100 a month just to test their voice-trained model and spent $2-3 instead of $100+ with no code and no hardware hassle.

AI Consultant

Before Scade, it took us weeks to implement a single AI model. Now, we've launched over 50 templates in that time, tripling our conversion rates. Updates that used to take days now take just 30 minutes, with no IT resources needed—all thanks to Scade's efficient model swapping.
Founder of a Web AI service
Integrating new AI functions into our app used to be a lengthy process. With Scade, we added user-engaging features like personalized avatars within two weeks, resulting in a 38% increase in app usage within the first month.
CPO of a Tech project
We launched a unique campaign where customers could scan QR codes on product packaging to create personalized, brand-themed selfie cards using our Scade-powered bot. This not only transformed our offline promotional activities into a dynamic online experience, but also encouraged users to share their customized selfies widely on social media, triggering a viral effect.
Creative director, BTL Agency
Unlock the full potential with 1,500+ AI Models

Use the best AI models. All in one place. Start automating in seconds.

Single Invoice, simple access, and rapid testing across models. Optimize staff and reduce costs.


No need for numerous tools and integration struggles. Simply organize task sequences and AI processing with cascades.

Fast-tracked to production

The cascade's AI-to-AI data transfer saves team time and resources, getting you production-ready faster.

Edit without reintegration

Control and optimize your set-up solutions easily. No reintegration needed— modify and upgrade it, boosting efficiency and saving costs.

Cheaper than EVER

Access all you need for AI projects: minimize costs and IT resource requirements effortlessly.

Your Go-To method for integrating diverse AI solutions

Choose your way of using our platform — from simple No-Code and flexible Low-Code to hiring experts for custom projects.

No-code Builder

Instant start. Endless improvement.
Merge AI models—text, image, audio—for swift launch and agile evolution.

Low-code Options

Tailor AI to fit your niche with low-code ease.
Plug into third-party APIs, stretch the limits of AI, and make your business vision a reality.

Hire an Expert

Our Hire an Expert service provides personalized AI integration. Customised models for your tasks, no off-the-shelf compromises.
Hire an Expert

Custom AI Integration and Development by Certified Experts

Looking for turnkey AI integration for your project? Our certified platform experts are here to provide custom solutions. From automating your support to enhancing ad campaigns with generative AI, they bring your vision to life.

First-line support automation

AI-powered advertising for agencies

Knowledge base optimization

Automated AI responses to marketplace reviews

...and more

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