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Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt
Scade.pro - AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding | Product Hunt

Integrate AI smoothly into your business or create new products for customers


No need for numerous tools and integration struggles. Simply organize task sequences and AI processing with cascades.

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The cascade's AI-to-AI data transfer saves team time and resources, getting you production-ready faster.

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Control and optimize your set-up solutions easily. No reintegration needed— modify and upgrade it, boosting efficiency and saving costs.

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Access all you need for AI projects: minimize costs and IT resource requirements effortlessly.

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Choose your way of using our platform — from simple No-Code and flexible Low-Code to hiring experts for custom projects.

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Merge AI models—text, image, audio—for swift launch and agile evolution.

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Tailor AI to fit your niche with low-code ease.
Plug into third-party APIs, stretch the limits of AI, and make your business vision a reality.

Hire an Expert

Our Hire an Expert service provides personalized AI integration.
Customised models for your tasks, no off-the-shelf compromises.


Automated AI-Transcription and Evaluation of Call Center Calls


reduction in call processing and analysis time


increase in the level of customer service satisfaction


increase in NPS
Improve service quality and staff efficiency. Optimize audit costs.
Call recording → automatic transcription of a call using AI → analysis and evaluation of a call based on a quality control checklist → provision of a call report.

AI Auto-Responses to Product Reviews on Marketplaces or Websites Considering Uploaded Data and Review Processing Regulations


cost per response


increase in NPS


increase in sales
Optimize the seller's operational burden. Use reviews as a channel to cross-sell products from the seller's catalog.
Review submission from website/marketplace to system → review processing by AI → cross-sell item selection → auto-posting of a response to the review offering additional purchases or problem-solving.

Engaging Offline Customers in Seasonal Advertising Campaigns Using AI


unique offline customers activated in a month


cost of engagement


cost of communication with customer base in bot post-campaign
Improve customer engagement. Gain more knowledge about offline customers. Viral brand promotion on social media.
Promo QR code on packaging → AI-bot → selfie upload → generation of personalized holiday card in brand style based on customer's selfie. The solution is easily to customize for any event.

AI-Assisted Support Automation


optimization in first-line support costs


decrease in response waiting time


availability of AI support for all requests
Reduce the response time to users and optimize the support process.
Customer request received via website or app chatbot → AI performs initial assessment → AI refers to company's knowledge base for answer or forwards request to another support line →  forming a relevant response to customer or agent.
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